I’ve decided to create a 12 weeks program to help men achieve happiness again. The whole process is based on readings from redpill in a more straight forward sequence of articles based on my own preference. Please keep in mind that english is my second language so there might be improvements to be made.

How did I find Red Pill?

Met a girl in Southeast Asia, we felt “in love” and spent an amazing week together in a resort. Loads of sex, everything felt natural and happiness was at all time high. Afterwards, I had to go back to my country but I still kept in touch with her. I felt like I had finally found the love of my life, so I had the brilliant idea of meeting her again in Philippines and continue travelling with her for a while. That was possible considering that I’m a software engineer contractor and I had savings available.

You see in movies how love will solve everything. I couldn’t be more wrong!

Two days after going back to meet her, the tests started. She was testing me, following her DNA of being a mega cunt to see if I was proper man. And guess what happened? I wasn’t prepared for it and I’ve failed miserably. It was a stressful month being treated like a low level human being. My pride was gone and I thought that treating her well, buying things and so on, would improve things. It makes me cringe thinking about that, but it helped find what the fuck was going on through all that shit I went though. I’ve found the red pill and swallowed hard. I never recovered that relationship. After reading so many red pill articles, I can guarantee that you can never go back after you’ve failed the tests and you are treated like shit.

I entered the stage 2 of Red Pill. My life would never be the same again

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