Black Phillip Show Episode 1

Summary of the Episode (Copied from Reddit)

  • All it takes is righteous confidence.
  • Immediately become philosophical about anger. Ask yourself, “why am I angry?”
  • Women think two ways: 1. you take care of me, etc. 2. you’re a bitch. Women want your manhood when they want it.
  • Men have an obligation to raise their women correctly like parents with their children.
  • Women don’t know how to tap into a man’s desire.
  • Don’t live by the ABC’s of life.
  • Don’t be so attached to something that you can’t walk out on it in 30 seconds.
  • Women don’t want what they can have.
  • All loser women have to barter with is their pussy. Women feel bad if they don’t get something out of what they have (pussy).
  • Men’s bodies aren’t as important to them as they are to women.
  • Every date is the women fucking your time and money.
  • Introduce fucking as soon as possible on the date. Give the woman the option to leave or stay, but man must let them know what they’re buying.
  • Your manhood is constantly under siege. You can’t be mad at woman for this because that’s the creature they are.
  • Pussy is the wheels on the car. Every car has wheels. Let women know that you want to fuck them. Fucking is like drinking water.
  • Pussy is not as important as everyone makes it.
  • Women have no skills to get what they want. Women are hoping to get what they want. Men have to audition.
  • What gives women the balls to sit around and wait for Mr. Right?
  • If a man meets a woman, how is knowing a person more or longer making it better to fuck?
  • Instead of using 1 to 10 scale, use 1 to 30. Then, divide it into groups of 10 (ugly 0-10, average 11-20, fine 21-30).
  • To approach a woman in the street, the man has to have the right amount of arrogance and confidence.