Black Phillip Show Episode 2

Summary of the Episode (Copied from Reddit)

  • Men are hunting pussy.
  • When men can get pussy whenever and however, they cheat. Pussy loses its luster.
  • Women are hunting manhood.
  • It is best when women are a little bit insecure because at any moment the man can leave.
  • If women get you, don’t play the game.
  • The amount of time it takes a woman to pussy a man up is how long the woman sticks around to enjoy it (ex. five years to pussy the man up, five years to enjoy it).
  • Don’t get put in a position where your woman doesn’t think you’re cool. If the woman doesn’t, this trickles down and spreads to everyone around you.
  • Women will do anything not to look like a hoe.
  • Women are trying to gain power moves on men when they try to pay. How can they look at you like you’re a man if they won’t let you do man activities?
  • Do not let a woman negotiate your manhood.
  • If women say they don’t know you well enough, this is an anti-slut defense. How does knowing you longer change your dick?