Black Phillip Show Episode 4

Summary of the Episode (Copied from Reddit)

  • Women’s power is in your fear of whatever they’re going to do.
  • Just because you’re in an LTR, it doesn’t mean you’ve cashed in on happiness.
  • Pimping your girl never stops. You can’t stop being a guy.
  • Women are out to abuse you because they want a tough man they can follow. You have to qualify yourself as the masculine entity.
  • Guys are special for women right away. That is not the case for men.
  • We’re auditioning for the pussy.
  • Honesty doesn’t exist in the relationship. Routine does. Honesty is the routine.
  • Women are unhappy when they’re the general because the derive happiness from moment to moment experiences. Men get the fulfillment on a superficial level which trickles down to the woman.
  • Women live in the world of, “you shouldn’t.” Men live in, “you should.”
  • “But you can have casual conversations and take what’s important from me?”
  • You’re better than any pussy out there.
  • Women use us for our time.
  • Don’t be worried about exploring the things you like.
  • You can’t be tired or give up. They aren’t testing you maliciously. It’s natural.
  • “You’ve taken enough of my time to show me if you’ve got good ass.” Completely dismiss or throw down the gauntlet.
  • Song: “Just Be Good to Me” by SOS Band. Listen to the song lyrics. This idea will keep every women happy.
  • Women have to love the men before men love women. He’s showing you his best because he’s auditioning.