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OP states that her husband is no longer sexually attracted to her. She states off that she had just gotten out of bad relationship when she met her husband. While in the past, she herself states that

in the past where I slept with people very easily, I made my future husband wait awhile.

Her husband was okay with this.

Then OP states this is one of the root of her problems. as

I always had a very high sex drive in the past, and he seemed to line up with that. Now, here’s where I feel like I’m to blame for future problems: In multiple conversations, I had said how much I like just laying in bed all day on the weekends and having sex every few hours. This never happened with us. When we started to have sex, my sex drive just wasn’t what it was with other guys. I couldn’t really explain it. He was good looking, smart, good job, treated me well, etc… But I wasn’t ever excited about the prospect of sex with him. I enjoyed sex VERY much, honestly he’s probably the best lover I’ve ever had. It was just getting turned on by him was difficult for me.

She would literally stay in bed all day fucking, but her husband can’t even get her a little wet. She was not the least bit excited being forced to have sex with her husband.

Her husband quickly realized this and they fought over this because he knew people in the past had no problem getting her juices flowing.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard this. She not only routinely turned down her husband for sex, but she also apparently has a Goldilocks zone. She has no idea what turns her on. as

I told him to be more aggressive at one point, he tried that and I felt pressured. I told him to take things slow and romance me. This turned me off because I like passionate men. Other men didn’t have a problem turning me on, it just seemed to happen.

Once again, other men didn’t seem to have a problem turning her on. Poor husband gets used to the routine and then they get married, surprise, no sex on the wedding cause she was tired and even less sex on the honeymoon.

Now one year into the marriage, their down to sex twice a week that is barely passable. The husband always seem tired, and constantly loses his erection if hes facing her so he can only keep it up if hes hitting it from the back.

OP husband has to ignite all sex as OP doesn’t like to get turned down for sex, which is ironic considering she has no problem repeatedly turning down her husband. But don’t worry, Shes so desperate now, she always says yes.

OP admits she’s had some weight gain as she went from being only a 5’1 and 105 pounds to almost 130 pounds.

OP gets into another fight with her husband because hes seems uninterested. Husband admits his sex drive would be better if she lost weight.

The husband says he doesn’t see her as a sexual being from all the times she has turned him down, he doesn’t know how to turn her on, and calls out on that she only wants sex now because she is desperate. He doesn’t feel sexy to her.

She doesn’t come on to him right, and never has.

She admits she has always felt uncomfortable coming on to him doing the things he likes.

Husband says she is beautiful but not “sexy” to him. That they’ve never shared a sexual connection, “even if they had the same interest on paper.”

OP tells husband he should go see a doctor to have his testosterone levels checked before the husband fires off some shots. He finds other women attractive, just not her.

Oh for those of you wondering about the bad relationship she had just gotten out off. The relationship ended when her boyfriends sister died of cancer and he got a little clingy.

Jesus, OP’s husband needs to get out before its too late. I felt sick to my stomach just reading this towards her feelings to her husband.