Black Phillip Show Episode 8

Summary of the Episode (Copied from Reddit)

  • When they’re getting fat or unattractive, let them come to the realization. When they ask you, your reply is, “well, how do you feel about yourself?” They’ll figure it out.
  • Assure the woman that you will cheat.
  • Don’t get on the woman about losing weight. Don’t tell them. Don’t fuck her. Do everything a guy who’s not attracted to her would do.
  • She needs to maintain what she started with.
  • Straight honesty is when you’re ready to take the L (leave).
  • Never let women beat you mentally.
  • Approach with the intention of “this is how I do this” (ex. welcoming with a hug or kiss on the cheek).
  • “Tries to test me.” 2:00:00
  • Women have to think you’re better. They have to think you’re the shit.