The Female Imperative

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Men find joy in creating value. Men are obsessive in this pursuit, whether by improving themselves, developing an idea or creating something. This obsessiveness is why men can spend years on a painting, waste months on a Minecraft creation or spend all of their free time in the gym. Men have a drive to create, invent, improve and innovate, which is why everything of value on this earth was thought of, invented, created and built by men. Its also why women’s history is a joke.

The female imperative on the other hand is to attract men of value. Clothing, makeup, instagram selfies, parading around in front of horny dudes in gyms and clubs is all a means for women to attract men of value. Now chances are a woman is going to read this last sentence, and release the hamster “I do these things for myself and not to attract men.” So let me get this straight you wear tight reveling clothing, accented with eye catching neon around men not to attract their attention? Exercising is about muscle activation, and we all know that our friend Dorian is getting way more of that, then fitness slut. Next time your in the gym watch what the women are actually doing, 90% of it is stupid fucking bullshit.

Women love drama, precisely because it gives them the opportunity to get the attention of high value males. If you’ve worked as a manager, your attention has been diverted from important shit, to women shit countless times. Let me illustrate this point with a classic biblical story: two ratchet hoes are arguing over who is the mother of some dirty baby. Of the hoes one of them fucking knows she didn’t birth the little shit, but she hamstered herself into believing she did. Eventually shit gets so out of hand that King Soloman’s attention gets diverted to resolving the problem. In a stroke of pure alpha/autism King Solomon says: I dont give a fuck cut the baby in half. Then the real mother comes forward and everything is resolved. The moral of this story is if you’re a woman and create a fuss over some stupid shit; eventually a supreme alpha will get involved. At which point there is a chance he might fuck you like queen Sheba.

The value of the output of any place is inversely proportional to the number of sluts roaming around. Potent start-up companies and aren’t plagued by attention whoring business sluts. Hardcore gyms are all business and don’t have spandex distractions. Some of the most productive men in the world were either celibate or closeted homosexuals.

Women especially the modern western variety are a distraction. Hiring a bunch of squabbling hens isn’t going to help your business. Staring at gym ass isn’t going to make you any bigger. Listening to female rationalizations isn’t going to expand your mind.

Focus on your dreams and creating value. The women will show up after you are a success. It is their biological imperative.