Unplugging. The reading list.

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I posted this list as a comment some time ago. I referenced it a few times, but I always thought I’d need to expand it and make it into a post, for better referencing.

There are plenty of good TRP-themed books to read, but no official list. There are a few (good) posts with (lots of) recommended books but they’re a large menu à la carte. Here’s my personal fine-cuisine full course for the newly unplugging. Short, tasty, and to be consumed in the right order.

Hors d’oeuvre

The couple of very best “mainstream-friendly” books on the importance of masculinity, to start gently and arouse curiosity:

  • 1- “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, by Robert Glover

  • 2- “The Way of The Superior Man”, by David Deida


Which should hopefully be enough to pave the way for the upcoming shock of unplugging that comes when you swallow the red pill bible:

  • 3- “The Rational Male”, by Rollo Tomassi

  • 4- “The Rational Male Preventive Medicine”, by Rollo Tomassi

(Note: Rollo now has a third book out, which is just as good, and reads better, but the basics are in the first two and remember this list is about efficient unplugging so let’s carry on..)


Once aware that everything he knew about the world of humans’ interactions was a lie, our unplugged man will then find the best general information on how to deal with Men and Women in the Real World in:

  • 5- “The 48 Laws of Power”, by Robert Greene

  • 6- “Practical Female Psychology For the Practical Man”, by Joseph South, David Clare and Franco


And only then, when our red-pill-aware man finally understands the theory on the real nature of women and of human interactions, he might want to read the best books that put that theory into practice to game and bang women:

  • 7- “Bang” and “Day bang”, by Roosh V

  • 8- “Sex God Method”, by Daniel Rose

Coffee and cigars

With his eyes finally open and his sexual lust quenched temporarily, the newly unplugged man may feel at loss in this scary but very real world. He will need to redefine himself and his place in it. I then recommend:

  • 9- “Meditations”, by Marcus Aurelius

  • 10- “The Way of Men”, by Jack Donovan

Knowledge is Power. Sharpen your understanding of red pill wisdom to maximize the results that actions (lifting and approaching) already started giving you. A post on this sub’s daily feed with a score under 100 is guaranteed to contain less wisdom than a book deemed vital to read by the red pill community. Your daily time allowance for absorbing information is limited. Prioritize your reading.