Black Phillip Show Episode 12

Summary of the Episode (Copied from Reddit)

  • Women hate being in charge.
  • Men must take responsibility for how their women act.
  • Men are lovable because we know how to be lovable. Women don’t know how to be lovable or likable.
  • Men give their charm, which is more valuable in the long run than pussy.
  • Women will naturally start to hold things over you (ex. paying for dinner).
  • There is no such thing as different but equal.
  • Men pay because it trickles down from man.
  • Imagine the mindset people go into a competition with. You go in with the intention to win and dominate your opponent. Men should apply this mindset to their women.
  • The best man is the best person.
  • Women are always trying to sell things we don’t want to buy – their betterment. Women will start naming things they do (ex. I cook, clean, etc.), but men aren’t buying those things.
  • Get women to want to listen to you.
  • “Can I ask you a question?” A form of passive aggression.
  • To play a game, you have to be willing to lose.
  • When you’re being an asshole, explain what she’s doing, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it (Edit: this is when you are in an LTR and/or the woman is worth training).
  • Women do not understand context in an argument.
  • What you are is different from who you are. Don’t let who they are interfere with your thoughts because what they are is still the same.
  • Women try to be loved, not liked. What if the man is being lovable and the woman is only being likable?
  • Women hate being in charge. They don’t want to win; they want a winner. When women are the boss, they think they have to be mean. Women don’t want to run things. Women want men to run things because they want to say, “damn, that’s my man.” Women think in terms of “us.” Men think in terms of “me.”
  • There are no guidelines for women to run things because our constructs for positions of power are built around men.
  • Men shouldn’t need validation. It has to come from within. If you need someone to make you happy, when they’re gone, you will feel nothing and be sad.
  • Sex is the lowest part of the relationship for women.
  • Men’s love is taking care of women. It’s different than woman’s love.
  • Women want to fuck one man a lot. Men want to fuck a lot of women once.
  • Do not be outcome dependent. Don’t take shit women say personally.
  • Calcify your ego like Thai boxers do their shins. Be rejected ten thousand times.